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Confirmation Permit

Confirmation Permit

Confirmation Permits

Confirmation permits are temporary permits that are valid for five (5) calendar days from the valid start date or purchase date. Confirmation permits can be printed and placed face up on your dashboard until you receive your hang tag permit (to be displayed on the rearview mirror). They are meant to be discarded once your permanent hang tag is received.

A link to print the confirmation permit is provided in the receipt that is emailed as confirmation of your permit purchase.

Confirmation receipt plus confirmation permit example:

Confirmation permits allow access to the same lots and garages provided by your hang tag permit. Confirmation permits should be treated as a permanent hang tag permit. If you received your hang tag permit in the mail, you should not use the Confirmation permit. Confirmation permits are not transferrable and may only be used by the purchaser on the vehicle(s) registered to their parking account. Misuse of a confirmation permit (or a hang tag permit) will result in citations and additional sanctions as determined by Parking Services.