Constructions of Ancient Space Seminar

AAR/SBL Annual Meeting Program
23-26 November 2002
Toronto , Ont.

Expanding Critical Spatiality

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Presider :

James W. Flanagan , Case Western Reserve University

[ Please note:  Papers will not be read or summarized at the meeting but will be posted on this website ( during the next weeks and months.  They should be read by all seminar members and others who plan on attending the session.   Online discussions among seminar members will commence not later than September 1. The session at the Annual Meeting will focus on issues of method and theory raised in the papers and online discussions. For further information please contact Jon L. Berquist   or James W. Flanagan ,  co-chairs.]


Critical Spatiality and the Uses of Theory
Jon L Berquist , Chalice Press ( click for paper )

Human geography provides a powerful range of theories and perspectives for biblical studies and the development of a critical spatiality of ancient societies. I will provide a brief overview of the current state of human geography, with special attention to the postmodern geography and particular in the critical spatialities of Henri Lefebvre and Edward Soja.  I will also explore newer developments in postcolonial and feminist critical geographies.  Finally, I will suggest ways to integrate these multiple insights from critical human geography into a heuristic model for biblical studies and the construction of ancient spatialities.

Storied Space, or Ben Sira "Tells" a Temple
Claudia V Camp , Texas Christian University ( click for paper )
See also, Claudia's extended review and comments on
Gillian Rose's Feminism and Geography

Simulating Pure Land Space:  The Hyperrealityof   a Japanese Buddhist Paradise
William E. Deal , Case Western Reserve University ( click for paper ) Note change of title from SBL/AAR program. 

"Scriptural Maps" and the Journey from Kadesh through the Transjordan
Thomas B. Dozeman , United Theological Seminary ( click for paper )

Covering David: Michelangelo's David from the Piazza dellaSignoria to My Refrigerator Door
David M Gunn , Texas Christian University ( click for paper ) Note change of title from SBL/AAR program.
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Discussion among Seminar Members (120 minutes)

Recess (10 minutes)

Business Meeting (15 minutes)

James W. Flanagan , Case Western Reserve University , Presiding