The Bakken Library and Museum The Bakken, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was founded in 1975 by Earl E. Bakken, inventor of the first transistorized cardiac pacemaker. It constitutes a unique research treasure of 11,000 rare books and 2,000 scientific instruments relating to the role of electricity in life.

Clendening History of Medicine Library and Museum
The Clendening History of Medicine Library and Museum is the rare books and manuscripts library of the University of Kansas Medical Center.

DeWitt Stetten, Jr. Museum of Medical Research - National Institutes of Health (NIH) The DeWitt Stetten, Jr. Museum of Medical Research at the National Institutes of Health was established in 1986 as a part of the NIH centennial observance. It collects and exhibits biomedical research instruments and NIH memorabilia.

DPTMSEC Museum Division -- U.S. Army Medical Department Museum

Eichold-Heustis Medical Museum, Mobile, Alabama

Dr. Samual D. Harris National Museum of Dentistry

The Image Archive of the American Eugenics Movement This site presents the unfiltered story of American eugenics, primarily through materials from the Eugenics Record Office (today maintained by the DNA Learning Center, at Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, NY), which was the center of American eugenics research from 1910-1940.

The Indiana Medical History Museum The museum represents the beginning of scientific psychiatry and modern medicine while the building itself is the oldest surviving pathology facility in the nation and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The John P. McGovern Museum of Health & Medical Science

Medical Library Association, History of the Health Sciences

Menczer Museum of Medicine and Dentistry of the Hartford Medical and the Hartford Dental Societies The museum came into being in early 1974. The collection includes instruments, equipment, furnishings, and portraits from the18th to 20th centuries, with a special emphasis on the life of Horace Wells and the history of anesthesia.

Mutter Museum, College of Physicians of Philadelphia One of the oldest and most intriguing medical museums in the country, the Mutter Museum has an important collection of artifacts relating to Philadelphia medicine.

National Museum of Civil War Medicine The Museum is the center for the study and interpretation of the medical history of the War Between the States. The Museum collects, exhibits and preserves medical artifacts, manuscripts, books, documents and other materials related to the period from 1861-1865. It also sponsors an annual conference on Civil War medicine.

National Museum of Health and Medicine The National Museum of Health and Medicine began life as the Museum and Library of the Surgeon General's Office, United States Army, and was until a few years ago known as the Armed Forces Medical Museum of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. It is home to the Billings Microscope Collection.

National Library of Medicine, History of Medicine Division NLM History of medicine homepage.
NLM: Images from the History of Medicine Images from the History of Medicine provides access to the nearly 60,000 images in the prints and photograph collection of the History of Medicine Division of the U.S. National Library of Medicine. The collection includes portraits, pictures of institutions, caricatures, genre scenes, and graphic art in a variety of media, illustrating the social and historical aspects of medicine.

New York Academy of Medicine: Historical Collections lThe Rare Book and History of Medicine Collection at the New York Academy of Medicine, established in 1928, is considered to be one of the finest medical rare book libraries in the world. This collection has grown, and today, Historical Collections of the Rare Book Room contains approximately 49,000 volumes on the history of medicine, science and other health-related disciplines, as well as a collection of rare cookbooks.

The Pearson Museum, Department of Medical Humanities, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Since its official dedication in 1980, the Pearson Museum has been a repository for the display of medical and scientific artifacts. Under the administration of the Department of Medical Humanities, the Pearson Museum collects, preserves, and interprets the history of medicine, health care, nursing, dentistry, and pharmacy from all cultures and eras, but with particular emphasis on the Midwest and the Mississippi River basin.

The Public Health Museum in Massachusetts

Smithsonian Collection Scientific trade catalogs 1800-1914

Smithsonian; Dibner Library of the History of Science and Technology

St. Louis Science Center The St. Louis Science Center is home to a significant medical artifact collection, originally belonging to the St. Louis Medical Society, The Societies collections were given to the Academy of Science of St. Louis, which became the Science Center.

A Traveler's Guide to the History of Biology and Medicine, original guide by by Dr. Eric T. (Ted) Pengelley, updated by Julius P. Bonello, M.D.

UCLA, History & Special Collections Division of the Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library
The History & Special Collections Division of the Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library, formally established in 1964, contains close to 28,000 rare books. In addition to the rare books, the Division collects and curates manuscripts, prints and portraits, and museum objects. The Division created and maintains the Index of Medieval Medical Images (IMMI), and has featured several online exhibits.

UHIC Medical Museum University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Medical Museum opened to the public in 1989. Since then, its goals to promote patient welfare and an understanding of both historical and current health care have been implemented through exhibitions and programs. This website features the Virtual Hospital, a digital health sciences library created in 1992 at the University of Iowa to make the Internet a useful medical reference and health promotion tool for health care providers and patients. To this end, the Virtual Hospital digital library contains hundreds of books and brochures for health care providers and patients.

University at Buffalo Health Sciences Library, The Robert L. Brown History of Medicine Collection
13,000 monographs from the nineteenth century with particular strengths in surgery, obstetrics/gynecology, dentistry, pharmacology, and oncology, as well as historical journal volumes.

University of Iowa Medical Museum
The Medical Museum collects items pertinent to the history of the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, the state of Iowa, and the Midwest.

University of Michigan, Historical Center for the Health Sciences Founded in1990, the Historical Center for the Health Sciences is dedicated to preserving the history of the University of Michigan Medical School and to studying the history of medicine and public health in Michigan.

Ohio State University (Columbus) Medical Heritage Center The Medical Heritage Center, located on the fifth floor of the Prior Health Sciences Library, houses books, journals, manuscripts and medical artifacts.

University of Virginia, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library The library is dedicated to the preservation and presentation of the history of the health sciences at UVa and around the world.

Waring Historical Library The Waring Historical Library, on the Medical campus of the University of South Caralina, houses books, journals, manuscript items, and museum artifacts dealing with the history of the health sciences, with particular emphasis upon South Carolina and the South, generally. The Macaulay Museum of Dental History, located behind the Waring Library, houses a large collection of dental artifacts and books.

The Warren Anatomical Museum at the Countway Library of Medicine - Harvard University Medical School Rare books and special collections The Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine was created in 1960 with a formal agreement uniting the Boston Medical Library and the Harvard Medical School Library. Its Department of Rare Books and Special Collections now has pervue over the collections of the Warren Anatomical Museum, formerly housed in the Harvard Medical School. When the renovation of the Library is complete in 2000, selections from the Warren Museum will be on display in the library.

The William P. Didusch Center for Urologic History of the American Urological Association (AUA)

Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology

Yale Medical Library: Historical Division


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