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Medical Museums Association( MeMA) first year of existence (1986) fortuitously coincided with the emergence of Caduceus, a museum quarterly for the health sciences under the able hand of Glen Davidson of the Pearson Museum at Southern Illinois University. Glen, who headed the Department of Medical Humanities at SIU's School of Medicine, had inaugurated a quarterly journal that recruited authors from among "scholars who interpret the heritage of healing and the status of the health sciences today through the artifacts of health science museums, archives, and special library collections." [Vol I, No. 1, p.42] Glen was superbly organized and had a vision for Caduceus, and hence for our fledgling organization, that took our collective efforts to a higher level. For this endeavor he had the generous backing and support of Dr. Emmet F. Pearson, whose collection formed the basis for the museum at SIU. Caduceus provided a welcome forum for addressing common concerns and sharing them with others.

Caduceus is now available online here is a link to the issue in which you will find the articles below:

Recommended reading for the 2013 meeting:

1991 Autumn: 7(2) pages 32-38
Sterilizing Surgical Instruments: A Curator's Historical Perspective

1991 Autumn: 7(2) pages 39-45
 Decontamination and Sterilization of Medical Instruments in Museums

1991 Autumn: 7(2) pages 46-54
Radioactive and Radium Sources in Medical Museums

1991 Autumn: 7(2) pages 55-62
 The Preservation and Disposition of Hazardous Substances and Controlled Drugs in Museum Collections



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