Medical Collectors Association Newsletter, 1984-2002

For over two decades, thanks to the energy and dedication of M. Donald Blaufox, M.D., Ph.D., collectors of medical antiques had a forum for the exchange of ideas and information. When not collecting medical antiques, Don chairs the Department of Nuclear Medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center, New York City. He has also been chair of the Museum Artifacts Committee of the New York Academy of Medicine and in that capacity donated countless hours to the organization and cataloging of the museum collection. Don started the Association in 1984 and within a year had over seventy five subscribers to the Newsletter. That number doubled in the ensuing decade, and this growth encouraged more columns and features, as well as periodic meetings, held in various cities, where members gave papers, visited museums of medical interest, and sought out antique shops. In recent years attendance at such meetings waned, membership in the Association declined, and Don finally concluded that the end was in sight. The whole collecting field has been materially transformed by the web, email, and eBay, he reasoned, and so the Newsletter concluded with its final issue in 2002. When I learned that Don was hanging up his editorial hat, I proposed that the Medical Museum Association (MeMA), post past Newsletter issues as pdf files on the MeMA website. This has been accomplished in able fashion by Laura Travis of the Dittrick Medical History Center. It is therefore our pleasure to see the MCA Newsletter live on, knowing that much worthwhile information resided therein.

Jim Edmonson
Dittrick Medical History Center
Case Western Reserve University

November 2004

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Links to listings for:
Issues #1 (June, 1984) through #10 (July, 1987)
Issues #11 (Nov. 1987) through #20 (Nov. 1991)
Issues #21 (March,1992) through #30 (Dec. 1996)
Issues #31 (Aug. 1997) through # 42 (Dec. 2002)

The Newsletters through 2002 are in the process of being scanned and will be made available here as the project continues.

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