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CWRU Chapter of the

American Association of University Professors




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Please see links below for more information on the AAUP and how to join.


The AAUP at Case Western Reserve University

 Ohio Conference Statement on Current Challenges in Academe \x96 2015

See the 22 page PDF at

OCAAUP 2015 Report


\xD8  For information about the national AAUP, visit

\xD8  Ohio Conference AAUP:

\xD8  Link to CWRU Faculty Senate:

\xD8  Link to CWRU Faculty Handbook:\xA0

Areas of Interest

To give an idea of the many areas of interest to the AAUP, we list here some of the topics discussed in the current AAUP Handbook:  dismissal proceedings; non-renewal of appointment; extramural utterances; political activity; artistic expression; campus speech codes; access to personnel files; tenure quotas; periodic evaluation; part-time faculty; non-tenure-track faculty; mandatory retirement; faculty liability; professional ethics; plagiarism; multiple authorship; workloads; affirmative action; sexual harassment; faculty role in budget and salary; intercollegiate athletics; faculty status of librarians; collective bargaining; student rights; accreditation; retirement and insurance benefits; leaves of absence; child-bearing; family emergencies.