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Blue Notes


Blue Notes: Toward a New Jazz Discourse
Genre: Forms of Discourse and Culture 37.1/2
(Spring/Summer 2004)


















Table of Contents:


Mark Osteen, "Introduction: Blue Notes Toward a New Jazz Discourse."

I. Jazz History

1. Douglas Field, "Tracing that Pentecostal Feeling: Jazz and the Sanctified Church."

2. Michael Coyle, "Jazz Songbooks and the Modernist Tradition."

3. John P. McCombe, " 'Eternal Jazz': Jazz Historiography and the Persistence of the Resurrection Myth."

II. Jazz Music

4. Tamas Dobozy, "Playing at the Nth Note: John Coltrane and Proliferation."

5. Timothy S. Murphy, "Improvisation as Idiomatic, Ethic and Harmolodic."

6. Philippe Carrard, "Titling Jazz: On the Front Cover of Blue Note Records."

III. Jazz Literature

7. Daniel Stein, "The Performance of Jazz Autobiography."

8. Gregory C. Stallings, "Jazz and Surrealism in Twentieth-Century Spanish Poetry."

9. A. T. Spaulding, "The Cultural Matrix of Ragtime in James Weldon Johnson's The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man."

10. Roberta S. Maguire, "The Seven League Boots: Albert Murray's 'Swing' Poetics."

11. Michael Borshuk, "'So Black, So Blue': Ralph Ellison, Louis Armstrong, and the Bebop Aesthetic."

12. Susanna Lee, "The Jazz Harmonies of Connection and Disconnection in 'Sonny's Blues.'"

13. Ken Husbands, "Retuning the Critical Instrument: André Hodeir's The Worlds of Jazz."


1. "The Language of the Other: Jacques Derrida Interviews Ornette Coleman." Translated by Timothy S. Murphy

2. Jacques Derrida, "Play-The First Name." Translated by Timothy S. Murphy.


1. Jazz Modernism: From Ellington and Armstrong to Matisse and Joyce, by Alfred Appel, Jr.
Mark Osteen

2. Jazz Noir: Listening to Music from Phantom Lady to The Last Seduction, by David Butler.
Krin Gabbard

3. Going for Jazz: Musical Practices and American Ideology, by Nicholas Gebhardt.
Nicholas M. Evans

4. Twelve Bar Blues, by Patrick Neate.
Jon Panish

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