The Society for Critical Exchange
Globalization and the Image


Globalization and the Image:
A Special Issue
Genre: Forms of Discourse and Culture 36.3/4
(Fall/Winter 2003)

Table of Contents:

1. Kurt Koenigsberger, Case Western Reserve University:
"Of Blind Men and Elephants: Globalization and the Image"

2. Michael Lang, University of Maine:
"Mapping Globalization or Globalizing the Map?: Heidegger and Planetary Discourse "

3. Elena Glasberg, Duke University:
"The Intimate Sphere: National Strategies of Mapping and Embodiment"

4. Abby Bender, Princeton University:
"Irish-Mexican Solidarity and the San Patricio Battalion Flag"

5. Tanya Agathocleous, Yale University:
"Wordsworth at the Panoramas: The Sublime Spectacle of the World"

6. Hsuan L. Hsu, Yale University:
"The Globalization of Perspective: Geography, Ukiyo-e, and American Realist Painting"

7. Carsten Strathausen, University of Missouri:
"The Lost Gaze: Reflections on the Photography of Andreas Gursky"

8. Matthias Bruhn, Editor ArtHist.Net (Berlin)
"Visualization Services: Stock Photography and the Picture Industry"

9. Ute Lehrer, Brock University
"The Spectacularization of the Building Process: Berlin, Potsdamer Platz"

10. Jaimey Fisher, Tulane University:
"Globalisierungsbewältigung [coming to terms with globalization]: Global Flows and Local Loyalties in Contemporary German Cinema"

11. Keith Moxey, Barnard College, Columbia University:
"Disciplines of the Visual: Art History, Visual Studies, and Globalization"

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