The Society for Critical Exchange
2002 MLA Panels
2002 MLA Convention
(27-30 December, New York

As an affiliated organization of the MLA, the SCE has two standing panels at each annual convention. Usually, SCE programs grow out of continuing projects that Society members pursue. This year's sessions continue the work of the Globalization and the Image project, now in its third year.

The presenters and the papers for each of these panels are listed below. Because the SCE attempts to devote conference panels to discussion rather than merely to presentation, we will make summaries of the papers available around 1 December 2002.

For the original calls-for-papers, click here.

Globalization and the Image I:
Imagining the Global
Saturday 28 December 2002
10:15-11:30, Conference K, Sheraton

Presider: Martha Woodmansee, Case Western Reserve Univ.
(1) Imaging/Imagining Globalization: Maps and Models
Melba Cuddy-Keane, Univ. of Toronto
(2) World Environments: Mapping a Post-Natural Geography
Juniper Ellis, Loyola C.
(3) The Intimate Sphere: Globalization and Postnational Citizenship
Elena Glasberg, Duke Univ.
(4) Networking Against Spatial Conceptions: Thamil Eelam on the World Wide Web
Jillana Enteen, Northwestern Univ.

Globalization and the Image II:
The Global Image
Monday 30 December 2002
12 Noon - 1:15 p.m., Conference K, Sheraton

Presider: Lawrence Needham, Lakeland Community C.
(1) Globalizing the Image: W. B. Yeats - Leo Africanus - Amin Maalouf
Kurt Koenigsberger, Case Western Reserve Univ.
(2) Anatomy of a Dust-Jacket: Deracination and British Identity in Zadie Smith's White Teeth
Karin Westman, Kansas State Univ.

The Imaginary Peso: Imagistic Strategies of 19th Century Mexican Coins
Cornelius Conover, Univ. of Texas at Austin

(4) "That glorious Emblem of native rights": The Cultural "Hybridity" of the San Patricio Battalion Flag
Abby Bender, Princeton Univ.
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