The Society for Critical Exchange
History and Activities

Northeast Modern Language Association
NEMLA Website:
Contact: Scott DeShong
In 1996, NEMLA eliminated standing sessions for allied organizations. Until then, the SCE had a regular session at the annual convention; since then, the SCE has successfully applied for panels with regularity, thus continuing its presence in the organization.
Unlike the other regional MLA conventions, NEMLA holds its conference every Spring. NEMLA and PAMLA have reciprocal membership agreements.
SCE members are encouraged to put together panels for the NEMLA conventions; contact Scott DeShong for details.
2008: "Interrogating the Natural"
2007: "Critical Fidelity"
2006: "Criticism and the Divine"
2005: "Theorizing Disability"
2004: "Figurations of Race and Ethnicity"
2003: "Conjunctions/Disjunctions between Aesthetics and Politics" (Call for papers)"
2002: "(Re)Presentations of Violence and Aggression"
2001: "Conceiving "Americanness"
2000: "Deconstruction Now"

1995: "(Postmodern) Reception Study: Theory, Pedagogy, Practice"

1994: "Theories and Histories: Postmodernism and the Problem of History"

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