The Society for Critical Exchange

2007 SAMLA Convention
9-11 November
Atlanta, Georgia

Autism Texts: A Mini-Conference


Autism Texts: Redefining the Human

Chair: Debra Cumberland, Winona St. U.

1. \x93Depicted Autistic: The Problematization of the Recovery and Emergence Prototypes in Contemporary Autism Autobiographies and Novels\x94 (10 min.)\x97Chris Foss, U of Mary Washington.

2. \x93Defining Human: Species and Sanity in the Narratives of Temple Grandin and Dawn Prince-Hughes\x94 (10 min.)\x97Kris Weller, U of California, Santa Cruz .

3. \x93The \x91Suprahuman' and the \x91Inhuman': Identifying Those Of, Beyond, and Without God in Autism Texts\x94 (10 min.)\x97Rochelle Gregory, Texas Women's U.

4. Response (10 min.): Mark Osteen, Loyola C.


Autism Texts: Reality and Metaphor

Chair: Irene Rose, Manchester U.

1. \x93The Real, the Imaginary, and the Symbolic: Lacan and Autism Texts\x94 (10 min.)\x97Natalie Trice, Georgia St. U.

2. \x93Words Matter: Autism, Representation, and Metaphor in the Mass Media\x94 (10 min.)\x97 Kristina Chew, St. Peter's C.

3. \x93Autistic and Neurotypical Perspectives on the Autism Spectrum\x94 (10 min.)\x97Ari Ne'eman, President, Autistic Self Advocacy Network.

4. Response (10 min.): Irene Rose, Manchester U.

Autism Texts: Reading Creative Nonfiction

Chair : Kristina Chew, St. Peter's C

1. \x93Journeys from the Middle Border\x94 (20 min.)\x97Debra Cumberland, Winona St. U.

2. \x93Constructing Dylan\x94 (20 min.)\x97Mary Bush, U of North Texas .

3. \x93In the Echo Chamber\x94 (20 min.)\x97Mark Osteen, Loyola C.

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