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Think Beyond the Possible, Case Western Reserve University Annual Report, 2008-09

financial + statistical highlights 2008-09

Total operating surplus (deficit) chart for fiscal years 2006-2009 (in millions of dollars) - 2006: ($12.9); 2007: ($19.9); 2008: $0.13; 2009: $1.3

Total operating revenues and expenses for fiscal years 2006-2009 (in millions of dollars; revenues listed first, expenses second) - 2006: $803, $847; 2007: $820, $844; 2008: $860, $840; $882, $880


Total operating surplus: $1.3 million

Total operating revenue: $881.8 million

Total operating expense: $880.4 million

Endowment funds (market value, June 30, 2009): $1.4 billion

Gifts and pledges from private sources: $108.7 million


Sponsored research training and projects: $379.5 million

technology transfer

Total licenses (to date): 250

Total licensing revenues: $16.3 million

degrees awarded

Undergraduate: 958

Masters: 964

PhDs: 200

Other doctorates (JD, MD, DMD, DNP, EDM): 550

degrees by school

(Undergraduate and Graduate)

College of Arts and Sciences: 625

Case School of Engineering: 462

Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing: 244

Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences: 168

School of Dental Medicine: 84

School of Law: 252

School of Medicine: 377

Weatherhead School of Management: 460


(Fall 2009)

Undergraduate: 4,228

Graduate and Professional: 5,510

States represented: 50

Countries represented: 82


Faculty (full time): 2,740

Staff (full and part time): 3,111

Campus size: 155 acres

Print the financial and statistical highlights from 2008-09 (PDF).

* Revenue and expense figures per Statement of Activities
  Operating surplus (deficit) figures per Statement of
  Operations (unaudited)
  Endowment funds figure per university financial statements
  Gifts and pledges figure per internal accounting (unaudited)
  All figures rounded