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Think Beyond the Possible, Case Western Reserve University Annual Report, 2008-09

barbara r. snyder

president of case western reserve university

david schiraldi, PHD

AeroClay® inventor

gene matthews

electric trucker

marilyn sanders mobley, PHD

diversity leader

melvyn goldstein, PHD

tibetan anthropologist

david kutik

champion of pro bono legal aid

yiping han, PHD

dental bacteria researcher

michael scharf

war-crime tribunal adviser

bryan mauk

homeless advocate

ben strowbridge, PHD, and yuan gao, PHD student

scent-memory researchers

ian charnas

tesla orchestra conductor

glenn starkman, PHD

origins scientist

peg heinzer, PHD

child-exercise champion

chuck fowler and david cooperrider, PHD

sustainability experts

mark chupp, PHD

neighborhood-revitalization advocate

danyelle dawes and ling wu

student mentors

kathy lanese

cross-country coach

don kamalsky

green-housing project leader

sharona hoffman and andy podgurski, PhD

electronic health record activists

fred collopy, PhD

managing-by-design instructor

kristen saad

scholarship recipient

patricia higgins, PHD, RN

light-bulb researcher

greg debeljak

football coach

james edmonson

medical dissection historian

anne helmreich

humanities champion

janice eatman williams

urban-classroom promoter