anthropology Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Various forms of aid are available to students in the Medical Anthropology Program. Students can indicate their interest in financial aid in the space provided on the application form for admission to the graduate program. Applicants who wish to be considered for the Department of Anthropology assistantships (see below) must submit their completed applications by March 1st.

Funding support from the University includes:

Department of Anthropology Assistantships
Generally, these are intended to cover all or part of the recipient's tuition. In some cases, a stipend is included. Students should apply for an assistantship before entering the Department by indicating their wish to be considered for financial support on the application for graduate study. Assistantships may be held up to three years.

Work-Study Assistants
Students who qualify financially may be employed as work-study assistants. Payments to work-study assistants do not include tuition remission.

Research Assistants
Employment opportunities for research assistants fluctuate from semester to semester, and is generally impossible to predict what opportunities will be available in any given academic year. Because of the unpredictability of this employment, incoming students should not depend on a position being available.

Students are also encouraged to seek funding from sources other than Case. Most universities and colleges maintain files on granting agencies and foundations. Applicants may find it to their advantage to consult the financial aid offices of the institutions in which they are currently enrolled to learn about fellowships and loan support for their intended graduate studies. You can also consult our Department's own Grant Library.