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Melvyn C. Goldstein, PhD


John Reynolds Harkness Professor of Anthropology
Co-Director, Center for Research on Tibet


Dr. Goldstein is a socio-cultural anthropologist specializing in Tibetan society. HIs topical interest include family and marriage (polyandry), cross-cultural and global aging, population studies, cultural ecology and economic development/change. He has conducted research in Tibet (Tibet Autonomous Region of China) on a range of topics including nomadic pastoralism, the impact of economic reforms on rural Tibet, family planning and fertility, the revival of Buddhism, modern Tibetan history, and socio-economic change. His has also conducted research in India (with Tibetan refugees), in northwest Nepal (with a Tibetan border community in Limi), in western Mongolia (with a nomadic pastoral community in Hovd province), in Kathmandu on family planning and intergenerational relations, and in eastern China on modernization and the elderly). Dr. Goldstein's current projects include: an oral history of Tibet, a multi-volume history of modern Tibet, a longitudinal study of the impact of China's reform policies on Tibetan nomads and a study investigating modernization and changing patterns of intergenerational relations in rural farmiing Tibet. 

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Contact Information


Office Location Mather Memorial Building
Room 241
Mailing Address 11220 Bellflower Road #241
Cleveland, OH 44106
Telephone (216) 368-2265


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