The Land.  Believeland.  Cleveland, Ohio


View of the skyline from my neighborhood

rowing on Lake Erie, in front of the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame

sunset over the Cuyahoga River

Edgewater Park

sun on St. Theodosius church, as seen from my old front porch

Slider, mascot of the Cleveland Indians

Case Western Reserve University is located in Cleveland, a mid-sized midwestern city that most people have heard of but don’t know much about.  Since making it my home in 2013, I have learned that Drew Carey wasn’t lying: Cleveland rocks.  Here’s a miscellaneous collection of photos from around town, showing some of my favorite views of Cleveland life.

Just about every city I have lived in claims to have exceptionally erratic weather (“If you don’t like the weather in _____ , wait 5 minutes”), but I think Cleveland wins this title.  Since I moved here, we’ve had everything from shorts weather in February to snow in May.  Here are a few pairs of images that I think capture the rollercoaster that is Cleveland weather:

Left: a huge snowman (that hat is a construction barrel!) built by some neighbors after a big December snowfall.

Right: same snowman, exactly 1 week later.

Left: mile 12 of the Cleveland Half Marathon in 2014.  A beautiful (and warm!) mid-May day.

Right: same spot, same race, in May 2016.  Having trouble seeing the runners?  That’s because you’re trying to see through icy hail.  I can’t feel my hands.



EASTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS 2015, 2016, 2017 (this is the 2015 trophy)

championship parade (view from Key Tower)

my kitten Moondog (named after this Moondog, who is named after this Moondog) strutting her jersey

Cleveland is an ever-changing mosaic of old and new.  This is a 5 AM gathering of neighbors to watch the demolition of an old highway bridge.  After the explosives went off and the bridge fell, a boy standing near us turned to his dad and shouted, “that was the best 10 seconds of my life!!!!”  The kid had a point.

Havorka Atrium (entry to the Biology and Chemistry buildings)

at night