Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction Facility

Director: Professor John D. Protasiewicz

phone: 216-368-5060; email:

Address for Courier service (UPS, FEDEX) packages ONLY please use:

2074 Adelbert Road

418A Millis Science Center

Case Western Reserve University

Cleveland, OH 44106-7078

With generous funding from the National Science Foundation we have established a cyber-enabled single crystal X-ray diffraction facility. The facility consists of a new Bruker SMART APEX II CCD single crystal diffractometer (launched June '06) with an Oxford Cryostream Low Temperature device (for performing analyses at 100K). Additionally, the room is configured with four web cameras to allow cyber and remote control of the instrument.

Web Cameras

Check below to open a new browser window to see live images from the CPMCC.

Live Image of X-ray Room

Live Image from the BrukerCam (ie, from inside the instrument!)

**Also check us out at the CIMA X-ray Site!**

Since the rennovation and move of the X-ray lab, the lab now contains a self-contained room for crystal mounting, dedicated computers for structural analysis, high speed networked printer (HP 4250N), microscopes, and all other neccessary equipment for modern single crystal X-ray diffraction experiments. One of the microscopes has an attached video camera that allows remote visualization of the images onto a TV.