Department of Chemistry

Staff Listing

James Sill Department Manager Clapp Hall 206 216.368.3651
June Ilhan Department Assistant, Graduate Affairs Clapp Hall 212 216.368.5030
Brian Brauchler Department Assistant, Undergraduate Affairs Clapp Hall 212 216.368.5914
Suzi Mason Department Assistant Clapp Hall 212 216.368.3622
Darlene Khalid Secretary Clapp Hall 212 216.368.3621
James Faulk Technician Millis Hall G10A 216.368.3589
Victor Morosanu Technician Millis Hall 314A 216.368.5345
Matthew Evans Technician Millis Hall 314A 216.368.3687
David Carrino Technician Millis Hall 314A 216.368.5180
Garnetta Stallworth Clerk Clapp Hall 212 216.368.3650
Dale Ray NMR Lab Manager Millis G10 216.368.2404
Kathryn Howard Research Associate, Temporary Facilities Manager Millis G11 216.368.0697

Who to Contact

Emergencies / Utilities

Gas or water leaks, power outage, waste cleanup --> Jim Sill

Facilities / Building

Door/card access --> Jim Sill
Desks and furniture --> Victor Morosanu (phone/in-person)
Classroom technology (ceiling projector, document camera) --> CWRU HelpDesk, 368-4357


Instrumentation, computer support, ordering parts/supplies --> Kathryn Howard
    (Note: Priority goes to course-related requests)

Office Computer Support

General Software (email, antivirus, Acrobat, MS Word) --> CWRU HelpDesk, 368-4357
General Hardware (personal printers, mobile devices) --> CWRU HelpDesk, 368-4357
Department-specific support (network printers, copier, projectors) --> Brian Brauchler