Clinical Instructor, Communication Sciences & Pediatrics

Ph.D., Speech Language Pathology 1993

Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Ekelman began her career working at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital for ten years in the Department of Pediatric Neurology. She earned extensive experience working with children with developmental verbal apraxia, language-learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorder (hyperplexia), acquired brain lesions, congenital heart disorders, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. She left Rainbow Babies to complete her Ph. D. at Case Western Reserve University . Upon completion of her doctorate, she began a private practice which focuses on evaluating school-aged children with learning difficulties and determining the underlying etiology for the learning problem. Dr. Ekelman's research activity includes a three year study in the Shaker Heights City School District in collaboration with Suzanne Fitzpatrick looking at the effects of directed phonological processing instruction and vocabulary development within the kindergarten curriculum on early reading skills. Dr. Ekelman teaching Speech Language Pathology in Educational settings and oversees the Teacher Licensure program.