The Handerson Lecture, 2012

Dr. Ken ArnoldDr. Ken Arnold presents

Medicine Show: Science, Art and Health at Wellcome Collection

Friday March 2, 12:30, Powell Room,

Allen Memorial Medical Library

On Friday, March 2, Ken Arnold will present the 2012 Handerson Lecture, Medicine Show: Science, Art and Health at Wellcome Collection. Arnold, the Head of Public Programmes at the Wellcome in London, highlights their inquisitive curatorial approach to exploring medical science (past and present) within the broad context of the whole human condition. He will discuss the permanent display of Sir Henry Wellcome's museum collection Medicine Man (originally presented at the British Museum), and recent temporary exhibitions including Skeletons: London's Buried Bones and Dirt: the Filthy Reality of Everyday Life. Dr. Arnold contends that while the Wellcome presents a refreshing and innovative approach to engaging the public with medicine and its history, the approach owes much to the incurably curious instincts that led to the founding of Europe's first museums in the Renaissance. He concludes that there is something timelessly full of wonder about putting medicine on show. The lecture begins at 12:30 on Friday, March 2 in the Powell Room in the Allen Library. Please note the early starting time for the event.

Co-sponsored by the Friends of Art, CWRU

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