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Olivier Marteau

Dr. Olivier Marteau was born in France, in Normandy. He developed an interest in the international aspects of French and Francophone culture when he had the opportunity to travel in Africa from 1995 to 2001. He worked as an administrator on a series of cultural and economic development projects in West Africa for various institutions. He earned a master's degree in contemporary history and a master's degree in political science at the University of Paris, and a Ph.D. in Francophone Studies at the University of Louisiana in 2007.

His dissertation explores the emergence of a new generation of Cajun writers through Pierre Bourdieu’s concepts of “champ littéraire” and “instances de legitimation.”

His research interests include the study of Louisiana French-speaking communities, and the relation between Francophone populations and France through media representations.

After teaching French as a second language in a Canadian immersion program at the Université Sainte-Anne (Nova Scotia), he joined Denison University in 2007 and Case Western University Reserve in Fall 2010.

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