George Seremba

Ugandan-Canadian actor and playwright George Bwanika Seremba is well known for his solo show Come Good Rain. He has written three one-act plays. The most recent, Mama’s George, was adapted with a group of asylum seekers from a sprawling camp called Mosney, near Dublin. The full-length plays include Come Good Rain and Napoleon of the Nile. A number of years ago he wrote Secrets of the Savannah, a radio play for Irish Radio (RTE) which was produced as part of their Amnesty Season. His list of acting credits is even longer than the writing credits. George is currently Visiting Assistant Professor in the English Department at CWRU and simultaneously a playwright in residence at the Cuyahoga County Library. These two posts come to him courtesy of a grant from the Cleveland Foundation for which he is deeply grateful.  

“I did my M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees at the Samuel Beckett Centre, School of Drama, at Trinity College, Dublin. My Ph.D. thesis is entitled Robert Serumaga and the Golden Age of Uganda’s Theatre: Solipsism, Activism, Innovation (1969-1979). I recently gave a paper on ‘Myth, Mythopoeia and Robert Serumaga’s Majangwa’; this paper is now being prepared for publication. My writing is extensive, covering topics such  as ‘Poststructuralism, Derrida &Deconstruction,’ ‘Uganda’s Yoeri Museveni, Fanon’s “New History of Man,” and the Riots of September 2009,’ ‘Nationstatism Unmasked: The Pathology of a Post-colonial State.’ I am, at the moment, working on a prose version of my autobiographic and graphic stage-play Come Good Rain. With that done, I will turn to my Ph.D. thesis, which I hope to turn into a book."


Visiting Assistant Professor