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This Side of Paradise (1920)
read the online text, courtesy of Bartleby Library
The Beautiful and the Damned (1920)
read Fitzgerald's letter to Maxwell Perkins discussing final changes to the manuscript
The Great Gatsby (1925) Fitzgerald's plea to Perkins in an August 1924 letter, "For Christ's sake don't give anyone that jacket you're saving for me. I've written it into the book."
Tender Is the Night (1934)
Read reviews for Tender Is the Night
The Last Tycoon (1941)
read Fitzgerald's comments to Edmund Wilson a month before his death about writing The Last Tycoon
USC: F. Scott Fitzgerald Centenary Home Page
The definitive F. Scott Fitzgerald site on the web
  • Contains a comprehensive biography which chronicles Fitzgerald's literary successes and disappointments, his relationship with his wife, Zelda Sayre, and his reputation as a drunk, a playboy and much later, during the revival of his work, a visionary who aptly coined his era the "Jazz Age."
  • A detailed chronology of his life and career.
  • A bibliography which provides a listing of: bibliographies, biographies and memoirs, critical studies, and journal articles (last updated in 1996)
  • The Matthew J. and Arlyn Bruccoli Collection of F. Scott Fitzgerald's works at the Thomas Cooper Library in the University of South Carolina which contains:
    -- The Trimalchio galleys for The Great Gatsby - Trimalchio (New York: Scribners, 1925). The only set of the unrevised galleys for the unpublished text of The Great Gatsby.
    -- A newly-discovered Fitzgerald letter about the The Great Gatsby (content of the letter is under copyright) which Fitzgerald wrote to Charles Baldwin, in late April/early May of 1924.
    -- First editions (American & British) of The Great Gatsby
    Fitzgerald's copy of Ulysses - signed by Joyce
    Fitzgerald's Briefcase
    Fitzgerald's Silver Hip Flask
    Fie! Fie! Fi- Fi- - the acting script and song book for Fitzgerald's 1914 Princeton Triangle Club musical
The F. Scott Fitzgerald Society Home Page
  • Provides information on membership to the society, calls for papers, and conference postings. Members of the society receive The F. Scott Fitzgerald Society Newsletter (view a recent table of contents) and The F. Scott Fitzgerald Review (first issue to be published 2003, click here for information about submissions).
  • Provides an interesting online tour of St. Paul, MN, the home town of Fitzgerald.
  • A comprehensive up-to-date bibliography of Fitzgerald, including a listing of works by Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, and a listing of works devoted to correspondence between Fitzgerald and Perkins, Fitzgerald and his daughter, and Fitzgerald and Zelda.
Featured Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald, with News and Reviews From the Archives of The New York Times
  • Read reviews, articles, and letters from the archives of The New York Times, all grouped conveniently on one page.
C-SPAN - American Writers II: F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Watch the program that aired on April 14, 2002 on C-SPAN. Hear comments by authors Matthew Bruccoli, Dave Page, George Plimpton & Scott Donaldson, all of whom have published on Fitzgerald.
Short Stories by Fitzgerald, including introductions and original Saturday Evening Post illustrations and other artwork
gh -Compiled by Caroline Markel, Case Western Reserve University
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