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About the Institute

The Institute for the Study of the University in Society seeks to examine Case Western Reserve University in its social environment in order to derive and share an understanding of how the institution has influenced - and in turn has been influenced by - the forces at work in society and in this region, thus to strengthen the University's capacity to achieve the ambitious vision it has set for itself. In addition, the Institute is concerned with the emergence and role of research universities in society.

An institution that does not understand how it has come to its current state is unlikely to be able to move itself to a higher level of performance and impact. The University has an opportunity at this time to examine its development over nearly two centuries in ways that will benefit its current and future initiatives, and will also help illuminate the relationships between internal and external factors that have been important to the institution's emergence as a major private research university. The Institute responds to this opportunity, adding as well the capacity to integrate teaching and other forms of dissemination with the research, writing, and editing that are traditionally at the core of a history project.

The Institute was launched on July 1, 2003 . It is affiliated with the University's Department of History, Western Reserve Historical Society, and University Archives, and will work with other collaborators as well.

We invite you to be in touch with us. The contact information is:

Richard E. Baznik
SAGES Fellow and University Historian
Vice President Emeritus for Public Affairs
Case Western Reserve University
University West #20
Cleveland, Ohio 44106-7229
Voice: 216-368-2339