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Papers by Charles Wells and others

Papers available on the net

"Communicating Logical Reasoning" (with Atish Bagchi)

"Varieties of Mathematical Prose" (with Atish Bagchi)

“Graph based logic and sketches” (with Atish Bagchi)

“On the limitations of sketches” (with Michael Barr)

"A formalism for the specification of essentially-algebraic structures in 2-categories" (with A.J. Power)

"Automorphisms of Group Extensions" (updated with some references to later citations).

"Communicating Mathematics: Useful Ideas from Computer Science"

"Degrees of permutation polynomials"

"Extension theories for monoids" (updated with corrections and references to citations)

"Extension theories for categories"

"A Generalization of the Concept of Sketch"

"Sketches: Outline with references". With updates.

"An introduction to forms".

Papers not available on the net

(with L. Carlitz) The number of solutions of a special system of equations over a finite field (1966), Acta Arith. 12, 77-8.

Groups of permutation polynomials, Monatsh. Math. 71 (1967), 248–262.

Generators for groups of permutation polynomials over finite fields, Acta Sci. Math. Szeged 29 (1968), 167–176.

Some applications of the wreath product construction, American Mathematical Monthly 83 (1976), 317-338.

Centralizers of transitive semigroup actions and endomorphisms of trees, Pacific Journal of Mathematics 64 (1976), 165-271.

A Krohn-Rhodes Theorem for categories, Journal of Algebra 64 (1980), 37-45.

A triple in Cat, Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society 23 (1980), 261- 268.

The formal description of data types using sketches (with Michael Barr). In M. Main et al, ed., Mathematical Foundations of Programming Language Semantics. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 298. Springer-Verlag (1988).

Wreath product decomposition of categories I and II. Acta Sci. Math. Szeged 52 (1988), 307-319 and 321-324.