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Teachers and CWRU faculty at the farm, working on "hands-on" curriculum.


The Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program is a national program funded by the National Science Foundation whose goal is to train highly competent secondary teachers in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) to teach in high need schools. CWRU is partnering with Fisk University to train a total of 24 new science and mathematics teachers from 2009-2013 through a program that features early and extended mentoring relationships between the teacher candidates, university faculty, and master teacher mentors.  Beginning in their junior year,  Noyce Fellows will begin working in partner school classrooms at John Hay (Cleveland Metropolitan School District), Shaker Heights, and Cleveland Heights High Schools. This mentoring relationship will continue through the candidates' early teaching career to support new teachers as they adjust to the classroom.


CWRU Fellows will receive $30,000 scholarships for each of their junior and senior years. Fisk University Fellows will receive a $18,000 scholarship to study at CWRU their junior year. For each year of scholarship accepted, Fellows commit to teaching two years in a high needs school. The program also supports summer interns finishing their first or second year for a four-week introduction to teaching experience.  The summer program places students in a variety of summer classrooms as an opportunity to explore teaching as a career.  The summer internship pays $1700 for the four-week term.  Please follow the menu links for complete information and applications.

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