For Fisk Students

The CWRU/Fisk Robert Noyce Fellowship program invites Fisk University mathematics, biology, chemistry, and physics majors to attend CWRU during the junior year to participate in the mentoring program.  Visiting students will live in CWRU dormitories, attend a full year of classes, and engage in undergraduate research opportunities.  Fisk applicants will need to pay special attention to their program of study to ensure appropriate course selections so as to remain on track for completion of their major and graduation.  Fisk students will work with Dr. Sanjukta Hota, Mathematics, and Dr. Sheila Peters, Psychology, regarding the application process and other important concerns for a junior year at CWRU.

Once accepted as Noyce Fellows, Fisk students need to complete a visiting student application, to be available soon.

The application should be completed after notification of the scholarship award and is due in the Office of Undergraduate Studies on June 1. 

The program allows for two Fisk University students to study at CWRU for the 2012/13 and 2013/2014 academic years.

CWRU also invites Fisk University students to apply for the Summer Internship opportunity.  This is a four-week summer experience that places students in settings working with high school students.  It pays a stipend of $1700.

CWRU and Fisk University have an established partnership that enables Fisk University students to study at CWRU.  Fisk students pay Fisk University tuition and room and board charges while enrolled at CWRU.