CWRU Noyce Fellows will receive $30,000 for each of two years. Fisk University Noyce Fellows will receive $18,000 for a junior year spent at CWRU where they will particpate fully in the Noyce program and be integrated into undergraduate research programs. Students who begin the program in the Spring semester of their junior year will receive $15,00 their Spring junior semester and $30,000 their senior year.

CWRU and Fisk students who are considering applying to participate in the Noyce program may have questions concerning the treatment of this resource in terms of their current need-based or merit-based assistance.  CWRU allows educational funding received from an external source to meet unmet need and then replace the loan and/or work portion of a students need-based award before any institutional gift aid is withdrawn.  The Noyce Scholarship and University scholarships are restrticted to tuition, and the University reserves the right to reduce the recipient's academic award if the combination of the two scholarships exceeds the tuition rate.

CWRU and Fisk University students should discuss this scholarship with their financial aid officer.


After completing the program, Noyce Scholarship recipients must teach for two years at a high needs school anywhere in the United States for each year of scholarship funding accepted. CWRU students beginning the program in the Spring semester of their junior year will be obligated to teach three years. Noyce Scholar recipients must complete this commitment within eight years after graduation and licensing. Each Noyce Scholar must sign a "Memorandum of Understanding" with the university to legally confirm this commitment.  Scholars who fail to complete this commitment must repay their Noyce scholarship award to the university.