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The College Scholars Program (CSP) at Case is designed for a small group of outstanding undergraduates (approximately 20 are accepted each year) in the arts, humanities, sciences, engineering,nursing, mathematics and natural sciences, and the social sciences, who are interested in exploring how academic learning can address larger world concerns.

The program emphasizes broad interdisciplinary learning and the moral demands of leadership - both on the Case campus and beyond - and promotes self-discovery and community building by students.

Students selected as College Scholars enroll together in the fall of their sophomore or junior year and move as a cohort through the program. To enhance their experience in the program, student have the option to live together in a common residence- a special suite with single rooms and a fully-equipped kitchen in the new Residential Village on the northside of the Case campus.

Each class year emphasizes a different set of experiences, including opportunities to develop communications and leadership skills, sessions with renowned leaders and experts, and the design, conduct, and presentation of a senior project that applies individual expertise to a social or significant issue important to the surrounding community.

This two-year, twelve-credit-hour honors program is open to Case sophmores or juniors with a diversity of interests and perspectives. Applications are accepted once a year, at the beginning of the spring semester.

The College Scholars Program is administered through the Case College of Arts and Sciences.

For more information, please view our mission statement and brochure!

Jeff Lieberman
Monday, April 5 @ 5pm - Strosacker Auditorium

Join us for a one-of-a-kind multimedia event as polymath Jeff Lieberman, the exciting host of The Discovery Channel's Time Warp comes to CWRU with his eclectic brand of art, science, music, and robotic sculpture.