CSP - Speakers

The College Scholars Program sponsors or co-sponsors visits to campus throughout the school year by a variety of leaders from the local, national, and international communities. These distinguished visitors meet informally with the students to discuss their work and life philosophies, to identify issues crucial to service and leadership, and to address pressing social concerns.

This semester, CSP featured a lecture by Andrew Light, an internationally recognized expert in environmental policy and ethics. On April 5, 2010, we will be hosting Jeff Lieberman, the exciting host of The Discovery Channel's Time Warp.

The following is a partial list (in no particular order) of past speakers sponsored by the College Scholars Program:

  • Jeff Lieberman - Artist, Scientist, and Musician; Host of Time Warp
  • Forrest Gander - Poet
  • Aubrey De Grey - Chairman of Methuselah Foundation and Age Rejuvenation Scientist
  • E.O. Wilson - Biologist, Harvard University and Ant Expert
  • Marjorie Agosin - Poet and Human Rights Activist
  • Harlan Ellison - Author and Screenwriter
  • Ken Miller - Biologist, Brown University and Evolution Activist
  • Stephanie Coontz - Author and Educator on Family Diversity
  • Sarah Vowell - Author
  • Kurt Vonnegut - Novelist
  • Mary Catherine Bateson - Writer and Cultural Anthropologist
  • Wendy Doniger - Religion Scholar, University of Chicago
  • Susan Sontag - Author and Playwright
  • Peter Singer - Ethicist, Princeton University
  • Donald Johanson - Physical Anthropologist and Discoverer of "Lucy"
  • Paul Farmer - Physician and Healthcare Advocate
  • Bill Baker - CWRU alumnus and President & CEO, WNET television, New York City
  • Dr. James Loewen - Sociologist, Author and Emeritus, University of Vermont
  • Dr. Paul Loeb - Associated Scholar at the Center for Ethical Leadership
  • Dr. Howard Zinn - Activist & Historian and Emeritus, Boston University
  • Justice Richard Goldstone - Justice, Constitutional Court of South Africa
  • Edward Albee - Playwright
  • Stephen Jay Gould - Paleontologist and Evolutionary Biologist
  • Ralph Nader - Consumer Advocate and 2000 U.S. Presidential Candidate
  • Jody Williams - Co-Winner, 1997 Nobel Laureate for Peace, with International Campaign To Ban Landmines
  • Lech Walesa - Former President of Poland
  • Cornel West - Professor of Religion and Afro-American Studies, Harvard University
  • Thomas R. Pickering - Former U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs
  • Kathy Hudson - Former Assistant Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute