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In 2006, the McGregor Fund awarded the College of Arts and Sciences a three-year, $205,000 grant to develop new and innovative ways to build international experiences into the education of Case Western Reserve University's undergraduates. In turn, the college sponsored a series of competitions and awarded a total of nineteen mini-grants to faculty members whose proposals best addressed the goals of the grant: (1) to introduce cross-cultural experiences into courses and activities through the use of advanced communication technologies or travel; and (2) to develop innovative teaching and learning initiatives that result in expanded international experiences.

While most of the funds were directed towards faculty projects, the college also expanded its videoconferencing and other communication capacities so that faculty will have access to the equipment they need to continue this work into the future.

Even though the grant encouraged the use of advanced communication technologies, we learned that establishing solid collegial relationships through personal visits was fundamental to the success of the projects. In several instances, faculty visits abroad secured support from university administrators to upgrade or build communication facilities compatible with CWRU’s. In other cases, the visits gave faculty members insight into the academic communities with which they would be collaborating. In nearly all cases, the collaborations led to broader relationships and activities.

As the university pursues its internationalization initiative as part of its strategic plan, the College of Arts and Sciences is leading the way with innovative approaches that infuse international experiences into its curriculum. We invite you to watch the highlight video, learn more about the grant and explore the individual project pages. Our faculty’s creativity and enthusiasm is inspiring, and our students’ engagement with the world is burgeoning. Please join us on a trip through the World-Wide Learning Environment.

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