Cognitive Science World-Wide Learning Environment

Project Director

Mark Turner

Institute Professor and Professor of Cognitive Science

Domestic Collaborator

Todd Oakley

Associate Professor and Chair of Cognitive Science


In Fall 2007, the Department of Cognitive Science acquired a PolyCom VSX 7000e videoconferencing unit and made it available to undergraduates so that they could develop their own connections with students and researchers around the world.

For undergraduate students, communications technology provides an extension of their spontaneous communication in small groups of peers. When they have an idea for collaboration, they do not need a professor to help them reach out and connect. They can do so themselves, through instant messaging, teleconferencing, chat rooms, or desktop videoconferencing, or through virtual worlds like Second Life. This project made high-quality, spontaneous videoconferencing for groups of students available on demand.


The WLE videoconferencing station has been used by scores of CWRU and foreign undergraduates in a variety of projects, and their facility with the technology has floated up to the professoriate.


Total funding: $8,500

The grant funded the purchase of the videoconferencing station. Now that this initial investment has been made, the project is self-sustaining.

Mark Turner

Mark Turner

Institute Professor and Professor of Cognitive Science
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