case western reserve university



20th Annual Western Reserve Studies Symposium


Friday, November 3, 2006
8:30-4:00 p.m.

Dively Building
11240 Bellflower Road • (Corner of Ford and Bellflower Roads)
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland

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8:30 Registration/Hospitality

9:10 Welcome and Introduction (click here for audio recording)
        Gladys Haddad (click here for bio information) ,
        Symposium Director
        Case Western Reserve University

9:20 The City of Cleveland and "The Livable City" click here for audio recording)
        Joseph White (click here for bio information),
        Case Western Reserve University

Part I: Visions for Cleveland

9:30 "Cleveland, A Magnet for New Residents" (click here for audio recording)
        Scott Wolstein (click here for bio information) ,
        Developers Diversified Realty
        T.J. Asher (click here for bio information), Weston, Inc.
        Moderator: Alan Weinstein (click here for bio information),
        Cleveland State University

10:15 Break

10:30 "What is the Urban Attraction?" (click here for audio recording)
          Moderator, Kathleen Coakley Barrie/Dennis Barrie (click here for bio information), Barrie Projects
          Joseph Calabrese (click here for bio information),
          Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
          Chris Ronayne (click here for bio information),
          University Circle, Inc. (click here for powerpoint presentation)

11:30 Lunch
"Making Sense of Place: Cleveland, Confronting
the Decline of an American City"

Documentary Film
Commentator, Steven Litt (click here for bio information), The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Cleveland: Confronting Decline in an American City" is the second documentary film in the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy’s “Making Sense of Place” series.

The film, shot in Greater Cleveland during 2004 and 2005 examines how policymakers, community groups and others have wrestled with urban decay, the erosion of inner suburbs and the growth of outer suburbs in what was once America’s fifth largest city – and what future solutions might be. The film includes dozens of interviews with residents, business leaders, commentators and others to trace a narrative of both despair and hope, particularly in revitalizing neighborhoods such as University Circle, Tremont and parts of Hough. The film tells the story of Cleveland but also of many other cities struggling with sprawl, population loss, economic development and schools.

The Lincoln Institute is a think-tank based in Cambridge, Mass. that holds conferences and produces extensive research on land, development and tax issues. Cleveland: Confronting Decline in an American City was shot in digital video and is 58 minutes long. For screening opportunities in Cleveland or for more information on the film go to


Part II: Cleveland in the Western Reserve

1:15 "Regional Cooperation: Politics and Government " (click here for audio recording)
         Eric Fingerhut (click here for bio information),
         Ohio State Senator, Ohio 25th District
         Ken Silliman (click here for bio information),
         Chief of Staff, Office of Cleveland Mayor, Frank G. Jackson
         Steven C. LaTourette (click here for bio information) ,
         U.S. Congressman, Ohio 14th District
         Moderator, Hunter Morrison (click here for bio information),
         Youngstown State University,
         Center for Urban and Regional Studies


2:00 Break

2:15 "Regional Cooperaton: Public Opinion and the Nonprofit Sector" (click here for audio recording)
       "What the Public has said in Voices and Choices,"
        Gorden E. Mapley (click here for bio information),
        Youngstown State University
        "What Next?" David Abbott (click here for bio information) ,
        The Gund Foundation(click here for powerpoint presentation)

        Respondents: Kathleen Barber (click here for bio information),
        John Carroll University
        David Beach (click here for bio information) , EcoCity Cleveland

3:15 Reflections on the Day's Discussion (click here for audio recording)
        David Hammack (click here for bio information),
        Case Western Reserve University