Natural Sciences Program

203 DeGrace Hall
Phone: 216-368-3566
Peter J. Whiting, Director


Undergraduate Programs

(50-51 credit hours)

The natural sciences major is an interdepartmental science program that leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree. It is intended to serve students whose interests and objectives call for a major in the humanities or social sciences (e.g., the major in history and philosophy of science) that is best accompanied by a broad background in the natural sciences.

Natural sciences is available as a second major for the B.A.; the first major must be in a department or program within the arts, humanities, or social sciences, excluding the programs in American Studies, Asian Studies (Track 2), Environmental Studies, Gerontological Studies, Pre-Architecture, and Women's and Gender Studies. For a student who completes a B.S. degree in management or accounting, natural sciences may serve as the sole major for the B.A. degree.

The program requires a minimum of 50 semester hours of work in natural sciences and mathematics. The student must complete:

The courses used to satisfy the natural sciences major should be courses that would satisfy requirements of an existing science major. However, any 200-level or higher astronomy course is acceptable for the natural sciences major.

(Credit hours vary)

A minor is achieved through completion of the requirements listed below in any four of the six participating departments.


One of the following sequences:


Any two of the following:


Geological Sciences


One of the following sequences: