Educational Services for Students (ESS)

Sears Building, Room 470
Phone 216-368-5230; Fax 216-368-8826


Educational Services for Students (ESS) empowers students to achieve their potential as active, confident learners and as full participants in a community of scholars and researchers. ESS offers academic programs, services, and individual consultations. Students seeking help with study skills and/or time management strategies are encouraged to make an appointment to see an ESS staff member and to check out programs and resources at the ESS website.

The Plain Dealer Electronic Learning Center (PDELC) offers printing and computing to everyone at Case Western Reserve University and the surrounding community. During the fall and spring semesters, approximately 1400 undergraduates each month use the center to work on papers and projects, meet with study groups, and write their resumes and cover letters. The PDELC is home to one of the Print2Here printers, which provides up to 500 pages of free printing for undergraduate students. A variety of assistive technology is available for those who require screen readers, screen magnification, document magnification, voice input, or document readers.

The PDELC is a less-formal computing environment which invites collaborative learning and peer support. It is also the sight of various workshops, including the Presentation Skills workshops conducted by ESS staff. The PDELC staff is available to assist with any problems. A card swipe system is utilized to gather demographic information to help improve our services, and meet our students’ computing needs.


Supplemental Instruction

The Supplemental Instruction (SI) program provides regularly scheduled student facilitated group study sessions for traditionally challenging courses. SI sessions are free and participation is completely voluntary. Attending sessions allows students to ask questions, review notes, practice problems, prepare for exams, and reinforce material that already know in a relaxed environment. Sessions are led by SI leaders--students who have successfully completed the course, are recommended by the professor, and have been trained by ESS.

During SI sessions, the SI leader will facilitate an activity related to recent material covered in the lecture. The goal is to involve students with the material and to introduce good study skills and habits. Some activities may include a practice quiz, vocabulary building, creating review sheets, or collectively working on problems on the board. Depending on the number of SI leaders for a course, there may be anywhere from two to six 90-minute sessions per week. Visit for details and to view the complete SI schedule.


Peer Tutoring

Peer tutors are undergraduate students who have been nominated by their professors and trained by ESS to work with students on an individual and/or group basis in many undergraduate courses. Peer tutors can help students clarify course content and assignments, connect class notes and readings, and help practice problem solving. Additionally, peer tutors can help students reinforce what they already know, model new ways of learning, monitor their progress over several sessions, and prepare students for addressing specific questions with the professor. Graduate Teaching Assistant Training.

UNIV 400 A and B, which consists of an orientation and four required seminars for new graduate TAs, is designed to develop skills in communication and teaching. This course is required of students with graduate appointments that include instructional responsibilities. Students have a total of two consecutive semesters to complete either UNIV 400A or UNIV 400B. Students who do not complete the course within the first semester will receive an Incomplete (I). They do not need to re-register for the next semester. Once students complete the course, they will receive Pass (P). If students do not complete the course within two consecutive semesters, they will receive No Passing grade (NP).