Admission Information

Master of Nonprofit Organizations (M.N.O.) Degree

The following are required to apply for the M.N.O.:

  1. Completed application for admission. The form can be completed online, printed in hard copy, and mailed to the Admissions Office. The application should be signed and the applicant should keep a copy of the form for his or her records.
  2. $25 application fee
  3. Personal essay
  4. Two (2) letters of recommendation from individuals qualified to comment on the applicant’s nonprofit experience and/or the applicant’s ability to master graduate level work, as well as his/her interpersonal and communication skills.
    Please use the recommendation forms included in the Mandel Center application packet or download the recommendation form (PDF) found on the Mandel Center’s web site at See the instructions on the recommendation form for mailing to the recommenders.
  5. Current resume or vitae
  6. Baccalaureate degree evidenced by official sealed transcripts (the sealed transcripts must be sent directly to the Mandel Center from each institution attended) *
    International students must provide official transcripts that have been translated into English, and, if the grading system at the student’s academic institution cannot be compared with the United States system, the transcript must be evaluated by a service qualified to convert foreign academic credentials into their U.S. equivalents (e.g. World Education Services).
  7. GMAT score ( For the program recipient of the GMAT score, choose “Case Western Reserve University - Weatherhead School of Management - Master of Nonprofit Organizations” from the GMAT Program Database (which is done at the time of the test), An applicant cannot be fully admitted until the official scores have been received by Weatherhead.
  8. TOEFL score (international students only) ( Official scores must be received by the Weatherhead School of Management (Code: 1105) before an applicant can be admitted.
  9. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)- complete this form if applying for Mandel Center scholarships and/or federal loans.


The admission requirements for the M.N.O. - Executive Option are the same as those for the M.N.O. with the following differences:

  1. The applicant must articulate in the personal essay why he/she is qualified for the M.N.O. - Executive Option.
  2. The applicant must submit three (3) letters of recommendation. At least one letter must be written by an individual who has supervised the applicant in his/her managerial career, and who can discuss the scope of the applicant’s managerial duties and the effectiveness of the applicant as a manager.
  3. The applicant must meet with Mandel Center faculty members to determine whether he or she has the requisite level of experience to meet the M.N.O. - Executive Option requirements.


The application procedures for the CNM are the same as those for the M.N.O., except that a GMAT score is not required.


Applicants to a dual degree or degree/certificate program must make separate application to and be admitted by each of the separate programs (see Dual Degree Program and Degree/Certificate Program pages).
*Dual degree or degree/certificate students who have completed a semester or more of coursework in their initial school of enrollment at the time that they apply for the M.N.O. or CNM must also provide the Mandel Center Admissions Office with a copy of their transcript from that school.


Applicants for the M.N.O. or CNM may enter the program in the fall, spring, or summer semesters. The deadline for the fall semester is June 1, for the spring semester is December 1, and for the summer semester is May 1. Applicants are admitted on a rolling admissions basis.



A total of six credit hours are eligible for waiver, subject to the following requirements:
Courses to be waived must have been taken from an accredited institution within five years of the date of application to the M.N.O. degree program. A grade of at least a B must have been earned. A Mandel Center faculty member must make written approval of the waived course. Courses will not be waived based upon work experience. A student must register for and complete at least 54 credits toward the M.N.O. degree in residence at the university in addition to courses waived. A waived course may reduce degree requirements.


Courses granted transfer credit must be approved as applicable to the M.N.O. program. Courses must be taken at an accredited institution and be approved prior to enrollment. A grade of at least B must be earned and these grades are not counted in the cumulative grade point average. Transfer credit is limited to six credits.


An additional nine credits may be approved for substitute credit. Substitute courses replace required M.N.O. courses but do not reduce the total number of credits required to complete the program. Substitute courses must be selected and approved in accordance with a clearly defined written proposal consistent with student interests/needs and the M.N.O. program mission.

For more information on the admissions process, call 1-800-435-6669 or contact:

Director of Recruitment

Career Development and Management

The Mandel Center provides career assistance and internship and mentoring opportunities. In addition, nonprofit job openings are posted on Case CareerLink, the online career management system available through Case Western Reserve University’s Career Center.

Internships are optional experiences that enable students to gain valuable professional experiences, often by working on a special project, in a nonprofit setting. An internship is designed to last a minimum of one semester, during which the student works from 10-20 hours per week.

The mentor program is another optional experience that enables a student to be matched one-on-one with a prominent nonprofit executive in the Cleveland area. This is an opportunity to discover the realities of the workplace, network with professionals who share similar interests, obtain valuable and personalized guidance from a seasoned professional, or to work side by side with one’s mentor. Students can participate in the fall and/or spring semesters.

In addition, the Mandel Center is fortunate to have a staff with in-depth knowledge and extensive and varied employment histories in the nonprofit sector locally, regionally and nationally. Students may contact the Mandel Center for personalized support and discussion around career goals, objectives and opportunities.
For more information, please visit

Financial Information


The tuition charges for 2009-2010 for the M.N.O. degree and CNM program are $1,375 per credit or $16,500 per semester for full-time M.N.O. students taking 12 or more credits. The cost for the CNM program depends upon the number of credit hours taken. Tuition covers instructional costs and computer usage. Books and living expenses are separate student expenses. Tuition is due and payable according to the university’s tuition payment policy for each semester in which course work is undertaken.

Technology Fee

Students are charged the student technology fee in the fall and spring semesters based on the number of credit hours registered for in each semester.


For more information, visit

Financial Aid

Information about scholarships or other financial aid assistance is available at

Please note: Initial scholarship and financial aid decisions are typically made in the spring for the following fall, so application by April 30 to the M.N.O. or CNM program is encouraged. Requests for financial assistance received after June 1 will be considered based on availability of funds. Earlier application deadlines apply for full tuition scholarships.

Academic Regulations


Registration for the M.N.O. and CNM programs is through the Weatherhead School of Management. The Mandel Center’s academic advisor must approve all schedules prior to registration.
Refer to the Weatherhead School section of this Bulletin for information about course changes and withdrawals. For additional information, call the Mandel Center at 216-368-8566.

Course Loads

Full-time graduate students are required to register for a minimum of 12 credits per semester. Part-time students typically register for 6 credits per semester.

Non-Degree Students

Individuals may register as non-degree students and take a maximum of 12 credit hours through a total of four (4) Mandel Center graduate level courses in the Weatherhead School of Management Non-Degree Program. For questions about this option, please contact the Mandel Center Admissions Office at 216-368-6025 or 1-800-435-6669 or visit

Retention and Graduation Requirements


Retention requirements for continued study in the M.N.O. program:

A student will be placed on academic probation after any semester in which the minimum G.P.A. is not attained. A student who is on academic probation in a particular semester will be allowed one additional semester to attain the minimum G.P.A. in order to continue in the M.N.O. program.

A candidate for the M.N.O. degree must file an application to graduate not later than two months before the commencement at which the degree is expected. The filing of this application is the responsibility of the M.N.O. candidate. Contact the Mandel Center at 216-368-8566 for more information. Eligibility of the candidate to graduate at the time requested will be verified upon receipt of the application.


Students must complete a minimum of 54 credit hours of course work in residence, through the Weatherhead School of Management, to be eligible to receive the M.N.O. degree.


All requirements for the M.N.O. degree must be completed within six years from the day of the student’s initial registration.


Satisfactory completion of an approved set of five courses (15 credits) in residence, along with payment of all tuition and fees is required for graduation. Participants who complete all requirements will be awarded the Mandel Center Certificate in Nonprofit Management.


A CNM student who earns a final grade below a B in any course may no longer continue in the program. There is no academic probation period for the CNM, due to the short duration of the program.
A candidate for the CNM program must file an application to graduate not later than two months before the expected graduation date. The filing of this application is the responsibility of the CNM candidate. Contact the Mandel Center at 216-368-8566 for more information. Eligibility of the candidate to graduate at the time requested will be verified upon receipt of the application.


All requirements for the CNM program must be completed within two years from the date of the student’s initial registration.


Official transcripts for course work completed may be obtained from the University Registrar’s Office at