The College Scholars Program

The College Scholars Program, instituted in 1997, is a two-year academic enhancement program open to undergraduates interested in forming a community of learners dedicated both to excellence in individual intellectual pursuits and applying classroom learning to larger world concerns. The program emphasiz­es broad interdisciplinary learning beyond the requirements of professional or disciplinary competence, connection of academic learn­ing to the larger society, and development of a sense of the relationship between service and leadership. College scholars collaborate with faculty in the design, operation, and evalua­tion of the curriculum. The program takes up the equivalent of one course for each of four semesters.

ARSC 201. Introduction to College Scholars I (3)
First course for students already admitted to the College Scholars Program. Principles and practice of leadership, learning styles, ethical decision making, group dynamics, and communication skills.

ARSC 301. College Scholars Colloquia I (3)
Students in the second year of the College Scholars Program, in conjunction with CSP faculty, select topics for interdisciplinary study, construct curricula, and invite visiting speakers.

ARSC 302. College Scholars Colloquia II (3)
Continuation of ARSC 301. Multidisciplinary study of selected topics.

ARSC 397. CSP Senior Project I (3)
Year-long independent study project under the guidance of CSP faculty. In the first semester, pre-proposals are approved and funded and work commences. In the second semester, work is completed and at year end a public presentation of results is made.