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April 6, 2015

Provocative Questions 2015 - 2016

The new RFAs for 12 provocative Questions have been posted, as well as a set related to HIV associated malignancies.

Please see 
This is truly significant and I appreciate all of our members who participated on that day.

Please note that there will be a few submission deadlines for these PQs.  I encourage you to take these questions on, to collaborate, and to develop a well vetted application.  Any of the program and executive committee members will be glad to look over a proposal.

In particular, our CaseCCC group discussed these questions (among others), so they must be important!!
PQ - 2
What molecular mechanisms influence disease penetrance in individuals who inherit a cancer susceptibility gene?
PQ - 3
How do variations in tumor-associated immune responses contribute to differences in cancer risk, incidence, or progression?

PQ - 6
What are the underlying molecular mechanisms that are responsible for the functional differences between benign proliferative diseases and premalignant states?

PQ - 7
What in vivo imaging methods can be developed to determine and record the identity, quantity, and location of each of the different cell types that contribute to the heterogeneity of a tumor and its microenvironment?

PQ - 11
What mechanisms of action of standard-of-care cytotoxic, radiologic, or targeted therapies affect the efficacy of immunotherapy?