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December 22, 2015


On my way home from the airport Thursday night I viewed a license plate reading LCKY ME. My kids chuckle over my intrigue in getting inside the head of the driver of such vanity plates. 
This plate, however, brought me back to the Friday, December 11 meeting of the Melanoma Working Group where Marc Ernstoff and Henry Koon discussed the exciting portfolio of clinical trials, mostly checkpoint therapy combinations, and complained about how busy their clinics have suddenly become due to so many patients living longer and doing better. We know the same is happening for our myeloma and lung cancer patients, and perhaps one of them authored that LCKY ME license plate. 
My mother in law called that problem an embarrassment of riches. At the end of the day, that is what we do in our cancer research, cancer clinical investigation and clinical care: we search for mechanistic clues and therapeutic leads that we can turn into pathways, lead compounds, drugs and new treatments.
We all play a part in the amazing progress in cancer research.  We should include those lucky patients who take aspirin, exercise to reduce their risks, are able to be the first to experience a new treatment on a clinical trial, and take part in an MR fingerprint study - all parts of your collective research.  And ever increasingly our physicians get to complain about being too busy because our patients are doing so much better.
Thank you all for your collective efforts in helping more in our community to have the opportunity to brand their own version of the LCKY ME license plate. 
Happy holiday season!