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Tissue Resources

The Tissue Resources Shared Resource (SR) is a specialized unit of the Human Tissue Procurement Facility (HTPF) that supports Cancer Center member researchers by acquiring, preserving, and distributing high quality human tissues and providing priority histology, immunohistochemistry, tissue microarray, and laser capture microdissection services for both human and animal tissues. Services are open to all Cancer Center members on an equal basis. Free parking is provided to members picking up samples who work off the CWRU/University Hospitals campus.

Samples are for research purposes only and may not be used for clinical diagnosis or implantation into humans. Clinical information relating to the samples and donors are collected and maintained in a secure database. Samples and data are de-identified or de-linked before release to the researcher unless he/she has specific IRB approval to gain access to this information. 

Please note: Researchers must complete a formal application and have an IRB approval or exemption for the study to access human tissue from the SR.

Policies of Operation

View Policies of Operation‌ (PDF)


Remember to acknowledge the valuable services provided by Cancer Center Shared Resources in your research papers and publications:
"This research was supported by the Tissue Resources Shared Resource of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center (P30CA043703)."

Contact for Information

Locations: Wearn Building, Rm. 333 (Tissue Procurement, IHC and TMA Services) and Institute of Pathology, Rm. B-12 (Histology)

Director: Marta Couce, MD, PhD

Co-Director: Daniel J. Lindner, MD, PhD

Co-Director: Jennifer Ko, MD, PhD

Manager of Operations: Adam Kresak, BS
fax 216.844.4911

Tissue Procurement Services: Wendi Barrett, BA

Histology Services: Jenifer Mikulan, BBA

IHC, TMA, and Photomicroscopy Services: Adam Kresak, BS

LCM Services: Patrick Leahy, PhD


Marta Couce, MD
Professor, Pathology


Daniel J. Lindner, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Cancer Biology


Jennifer Ko, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Pathology