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  • Fully equipped laboratories for tissue collection, processing, histology, and immunohistochemistry work
  • Six liquid nitrogen freezers with 40,000 total sample capacity, equipped with electronic monitoring, automated fill and alarm systems
  • Workstations for data collection and management; access to hospital databases
  • Daily access to Tissue Tek VIP automatic tissue processor
  • BioCare Medical Nemesis 7200 IHC Automated Slides Stainer (continuous access, 72-slide capacity)
  • BioCare Medical IQ3000 Kinetic Slide Stainer for temperature controlled incubations and in situ hybridization protocols (36-slide capacity)
  • Pathology Devices Semi-Automated Tissue Microarray Maker (TMArrayer) for both paraffin embedded and frozen tissues
  • Instrumedics Paraffin Tape Transfer System for sectioning and optimal tissue recovery from TMA blocks
  • Olympus BX41 Microscope with motorized scanning stage, light, phase contrast, fluorescence, and digital imaging capabilities
  • Two Leica 1850 Cryostats and one 1800 Cryostat all with Peltier cooling for preparation of frozen section slides
  • Leica RM2255 Full-Automated Microtome and several other microtomes for cutting of blocks and preparation of paraffin section slides
  • Hacker-Bright Model 5030 Microtome for cutting of blocks and preparation of methacrylate section slides
  • Leica LMD 7000 Laser Capture Microdissection System


Marta Couce, MD
Professor, Pathology

Associate Director of IHC

Dawn M. Dawson, MD
Assistant Professor, Pathology

Medical Advisor

Joseph E. Willis, MD
Associate Professor, Pathology