Department of Chemistry

Sauvé Research Group

Professor Sauvé's group is focused on developing new conjugated molecules and polymers with interesting properties for opto-electronic applications, and studying their structure-property relationships. Members of our group do synthesis of new molecules and polymers, study their optical and electrochemical properties, study their morphology of thin-films and evaluate their performance in solar cells and in transistors. We collaborate actively with several groups across many disciplines, including physics, chemistry and engineering.

Research interests

Synthesis of novel conjugated molecules and polymers for organic electronic applications; Creation and study of non-fullerene electron acceptors; Investigation of structure-property relationships; Charge transport; Molecular engineering; Solar energy conversion, Plastic solar cells, Low-band gap materials, Self-assembly, Nanoscale morphology in thin films, Device performance, Organic field-effect transistors.

Techniques used by our group members

Synthesis of molecules and polymers, Schlenk-line technique, NMR, GC/MS, GPC, MALDI-TOF MS, TGA, DSC, UV/Vis absorption spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, cyclic voltammetry, infrared spectroscopy, thin-film formation, AFM, TEM, fabrication of organic solar cells, measurement of solar cell performance, DFT calculations, multidisciplinary research.


We currently have no post-doctoral positions available.

Undergraduate students interested in summer research in our group are encouraged to apply for funding: please consider SURES, SOURCE and ACES.


  • January 2015 - Sandra Pejic passed her oral exams! CONGRATULATIONS!
  • July 2014 - Prof. Sauvé was named the Frank Hovorka Assistant Professor of Chemistry. Congrats!
  • May 2014 - CONGRATULATIONS to Zhenghao Mao, Wasana Senevirathna and Roshan Fernando for successfully defending their thesis!
  • March 2014 - Forrest recieved an outstanding oral presentation award at the 2014 Cleveland ACS meeting in miniature. Congratulations!
  • Sept. 2013 - We welcome undergraduate student Matthew Porter.
  • Summer 2013 - We welcome master students Qi Han, Jia-yu Liao, and Jun Gu.
  • The MORE center is featured in an Arts and Science article. Also check out Cassie featured in the related story: A reason to stay!
  • Nov. 2012 - Forrest Etheridge passed his oral exams! CONGRATULATIONS!
  • Sauve was awarded an ACS PRF grant for 09/2012-08/2014. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  • May 2012 - Grace Eder was awarded a SURES summer fellowship to do research with us this summer! Congratulations!
  • January 2012 - We welcome undergraduate student Evan Muller and new graduate student Forrest Etheridge to our group.
  • Sauve was awarded the NSF CAREER award for her project entitled: "Developing n-type low bandgap conjugated macromolecules based on aza-dipyrromethene", 06/01/2012 - 05/30/2017. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  • Dec. 8, 2011 - Wasana Senerivathna passed her oral exams! Congratulations!
  • Oct. 26, 2011 - Cassie Daddario passed her oral exams! Congratulations!
  • Sept. 12, 2011 - Our first paper was published in Organic Letters! Congratulations Dr. Lei Gao!
  • Sept. 2011 - We welcome undergraduate student Grace Eder to our group.
  • May 6, 2011 from 3:30 - 5 pm is the Grand Opening of the Materials for Optoelectronics Research and Education (MORE) Center!
  • Jan. 2011 - We welcome undergraduate student Xin Hao to our group.
  • Dec. 2010 - Wasana Senerivathna and Cassie Daddario join our group for their doctoral studies. Welcome!
  • Nov 8. 2010 – Zhengao Mao passed his oral exam. Congratulations!
  • Nov 3. 2010 – Roshan Fernando passed his oral exam. Congratulations!
  • Sept. 2010 – We welcome two senior undergraduate students: Margaret Oti and Joshua Young
  • July 2010 – We welcome Dr. Lei Gao in our group as a postdoc
  • June 2010 – Quinn Gleisner obtains funding from SURES (Summer Undergraduate Research in Energy Studies) and joins our group for the summer of 2010
  • June 2010 – Wasana joins our group as a visiting scientist
  • May 2010 – Cassie Daddario graduates. Congrats!
  • December 2009 – Roshan and Mao join our group for their doctoral studies
  • August 2009 – Cassie Daddario joins for her undergraduate research