Library Catalogs and Databases

Catalogs are lists of materials an institution owns or to which it has access. At Case Western Reserve University, the catalog includes information about print and electronic materials, both monographic and serial.

Databases are collections of data organized for rapid search and retrieval by a computer. In libraries they are primarily bibliographic in nature, indexing journals, meetings and sometimes books. An example of a database is PubMed.

To find reliable information from books, journals and web sites please consult one of the following links provided here. If you would like to suggest others, please contact us at or call at 216.368.3218.

Catalogs and Databases by Category.

For more help, please contact the Reference Department at the Health Center Library at 216.368.3218, or at the Allen Library at 216.368.3640. You may also send an email to Health Center Library Reference, (

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