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Case Western Reserve University's division of Continuing/Professional Studies (CPS) offers a full array of non-credit and certificate based programs for working professionals through both open enrollment and customized industry-sponsored courses. Explore the courses and programs we offer below.


This course is offered as a half-day, full day or week-long customized program for industry partners. Topics selection includes:

  • Developing new model(s) of entrepreneurship and innovation and sustaining an internal entrepreneurial culture that permeates client engagement and creative problem solving
  • Understanding the latest trends in aerospace engineering today, contemporary aerospace and engineering for today's industry needs
  • Developing engineering and design professional skill sets
  • Understanding technical needs and problem solving in the aircraft industry
  • Understanding new trends in big data and data analysis  using sensors to gather data and organizing teams to make intelligent decisions
  • Making decisions from an engineering point of view  deciphering and weighing different views on what is important in decision-making models
  • Learning how to best leverage the existing supply chain for innovation in the aerospace industry 
  • Learning new techniques in the engineering process with a systems engineering course
  • Understanding the latest trends and applications in UAV systems

This workshop encompasses research on rolling-element fatigue, which is bearing fatigue under different environments, including various temperatures and speeds. Fatigue limits the life of bearings, suggesting serious implications to the life of jet engines and the associated costs of replacement.

This UAS course will combine subject matter expertise with real world application.


In this course participants will learn the causes and types of corrosion, as well as how it can be identified, monitored, and controlled. Customized topics are available in special corrosion areas such as specific issues associated with long-term nuclear storage. 

This class is customized to the needs of the industry partner to provide an introductory program for designing and operating in wholesale electricity markets. This class provides hands-on experience in trading electricity within simulated real-world markets.  Risk-management and energy-price forecasting with bidding strategies. Multimodal long-term training with cloud access to our market simulator is provided. 


This course is based on the best-selling books by Professor Mario Garcia-Sanz, QFT Control Toolbox for Matlab, Quantitative Feedback Theory and Wind Energy Systems: Control Engineering Design. This course can be scaled from 15–30 hours with a 15-hour minimum. This highly specialized course for industry that can be taken together as a package with Wind Turbine Design and Control training—these two courses are key for industry in the controls areas.

This half-day or full day course presents continuous improvement and advanced engineering concepts to leadership and team members utilizing constructs such as The Model Plant, quality and safety assurance and other areas.

Offered as two or four-week customized program, this back-to-the basics engineering course encompasses a broad overview of engineering principles in the civil, electrical, mechanical and manufacturing fields. Classes can be held at the company location and the Case Western Reserve campus. In-person attendance is important for competency building. 

This course introduces multidisciplinary wind turbine design concepts and advanced control-engineering strategies to develop optimum wind turbine systems. It includes theory, computer aid design problems and wind tunnel experiments. The course is based on the bestselling book, Wind Energy Systems. Control Engineering Design (CRC, 2012), by Mario Garcia-Sanz and Constantine H. Houpis. This course can be scaled from 15–30 hours with a 15-hour minimum. This highly specialized course for industry that can be taken together as a package with Wind Turbine Design and Control training—these two courses are key for industry in the controls areas. 

Information Technology

Learn to code with a series of “We Can Code It workshops.” These workshops are suitable for participants of all levels in front-end skills used to develop and design websites and provide you with a better understanding of the technology landscape:

• Web Design and Development

• Introduction to Mobile Applications with Javascript

• Web Application Development Using Ruby and Ruby on Rails 

This is customized data analytics program offered as half-day or full day training or as extending training for two or four weeks. MondoBrain, a simple and powerful big data analytic solution to profile and predict risks, customers, transactions and performance, is discussed. MondoBrain leverages in a simple web interface unique non-statistical algorithms, dynamic data visualization and the knowledge of subject matter experts.

The applied Data Science course will teach the main steps in a Data Analysis project. Students will learn to produce reproducible results, insights and predictive models from real-world datasets, to address business relevant questions.  


The Internet of Things (IoT) is here and it is a large disruptive force to how business is being done across many industries. This course offers a basic understanding of the IoT trends, where the future is headed and the impact a company’s strategy and profits. Includes discussion topics on Cyber Security “How protected is your smart grid” and “Smart Homes of the Future - How will disruptive IoT trends impact your home life and your workload.”

Innovation is crucial to a manufacturing company’s product development and strategy. In this course, a different lens for understanding innovation as the creative use of innovative technologies is postulated. 

This course covers the emerging trend of maker spaces at universities across the country and how companies can take advantage of this movement to enhance growth and outreach. This course includes an introduction to Case Western Reserve’s world-class, maker space—the Larry Sears and Sally Zlotnick Sears think[box].

Materials Science

This course will include the ingredients of steel, phases in steel, heat treatment, strengthening mechanisms due to heat treatment, the response of metals and the failures of metals. This is a one-day course.

This program is in-depth, week-long training on materials fundamentals, advancements in materials science and new innovative applications. 

This course covers industry needs for the Polymer Characteristics, Applications and Processing.