America & the Middle East: Links and Resources Pertaining to the aftermath of 9/11, the middle east, and related topics. Please note that the links below represent a variety of beliefs and viewpoints covering all parts of the spectrum.

America Responds: Reflections on the aftermath of 9/11 with alumna Susie Gharib

Message from President Wagner

CWRU Alumnus and Student run NYC marathon and raise money for the Twin Towers Fund

Red Cross Blood Drives in NE Ohio

War & Peace: 3 day Forum on Iraq

Afghanistan Afghan Resistance
Afghan Consulate

Afghan Cultural Heritage Crisis
Afghan Network
Afghan Radio
Afghan Web
Afghanistan Foundation
Afghanistan Peace Organization
Ariana Afghan Magazine
Center for Afghan Studies
Institute for Afghan Studies
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan

Afghanistan at War: Past & Present
Afghanistan's Civil War
Postcards from Hell:Photojournalism
Prevent Afghan War
Soviet/Afghan War

Allied Support
European Union
NATO Member Countries
Western European Union

Arab Resources
100 Questions about Arab Americans
Arab American Anti-Dsicrimination Committee
Arab American Institute
Arab Association for Human Rights
Arab Data Net
Arab Radio & Television
Arab News
Arabic News Online
Arab World News
Beirut News
Palestine Daily
Planet Arabia

Anthrax in a biowar environment
The Anthrax Page
APIC Bioterrorism Resources
Biological Terror Defense
Bioterrorism: Preparing for the Future
CDC Anthrax Factsheet
CDC Anthrax Info
CDC Public Health Response
Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies
Center for Civ. Biodef. Studies: Anthrax
Health Aspects of Bio Weapons
Who Guidelines for Control of Anthrax
World Anthrax Data Site

Government Intelligence & Defense
Army CounterIntelligence Online
Defense Intelligence Agency
Department of Defense Information
Department of State International Info
Federal Emergency Management Agency
National Imagery and Mapping Agency
National Security Agency
U.S. Army Intelligence Center
U.S. State Department (Main)

Humanitarianism & International Law
Coalition for an International Criminal Court
Geneva Conventions Text
Humanitarianism & War Project
International Committee of the Red Cross
United Nations
U.S. Dept. of State Reports


Iraq & Hussein
Interim Constitution of Iraq
Iraq National Monitoring Directorate
The Iraqi Presidency
National Assembly of the Republic of Iraq
Iraq Foundation
Iraq Journal
Iraq Tourism Board
Tales of the Tyrant
U.N. Resolutions: Iraq
United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission

Islamic Resources
Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
Ahmadiyyat, Real Islam
Brief Guide to Islam
Holy Qur'an (searchable)
International Association of Sufism
Islam for Today
Islamic City

Islamic Portal
People of Allah
Revelation of the Holy Qur'an
Religious Islam
Shi'a Homepage

Sufi order of the West
Sunni/Shia Split
Sunni & Shi'i practices

Memorials & Reflections
1st hand account from WTC1
Account from 2 World Financial
Account from 71st Floor
Newsday: The lost
New York Times: Portraits of Grief
Sunday Times: Victims

Encyclopedia of the Orient

News From Middle East
Bahrain Tribune
Egypt Daily News
Gulf News
Isra News
Khaleej Times (United Arab Emirates)
Kuwait News Agency
Lebanon Wire
Middle East Times
Oman News Agency
Palestine Media Center
The Peninsula Online (Qatar)
Riyadh Daily
The Star (Jordan)
Syria Times
Tehran Times
Turkish Daily News
Where is Raed? (BLOG from Bagdhad)
Yemen Times

News Analysis & Intelligence
Army CounterIntelligence Online
Common Dreams Progressive News Center
Council on Foreign Relations
Factpress (non-tradtional viewpoints)
Government Communications Headquarters (UK)
Jane's IntelWeb
MIT: Reconstructions (media analysis)
PBS: America Responds
Strategic Intelligence Links
Stratfor: Intelligence for Individuals
U.S. Army Intelligence Center
Virtual World of Intelligence

Operation Enduring Freedom
Airforce Link News
An Introduction to the Military
Army Attacks
Central Command
Defend America
Defense Link News
Operation "Enduring Freedom"
U.S. Pacific Command
Whitehouse: America Responds

Osama Bin Laden
Al-Qa'ida (the Base)
Al-Queada on PBS
al-Qa'ida/International Islamic Front for Jihad    Against the Jews and Crusaders
Anti-Defamation League: Bin Laden
Marketing Terror
Terrorist Group Profile
The Smoking Gun
U.S. Govt. Fact Sheet
Usamah bin Ladin The Holy Warrior
Wealth plus Extremism Equals Terrorism

Pakistan Intelligence
Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Pakistan News Service
Pakistan Political Map


Relief Information
American Red Cross
Armed Services YMCA
Just Give (YAHOO!)

Liberty Unites
NY Firefighters 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund
Salvation Army

Responses to 9/11
After September 11
The Algebra of Infinite Justice
America's Response: Issues & Implications

Assault on Civilisation

Peacemakers Speak (Nobel laureates)
Perspectives from the social sciences
Reason vs. Terrorism
The Response of Poetry

Twenty Gallon Think Tank


Resources (9/11)
AA Passenger Lists
American Tragedy Webring
"I'm OK" message Center
Interactive Relief & Rescue Map
Memorial Lists
Missing Persons Lists
Missing Persons Photos
NYC/WTC Resources
Report You Are Safe
UA Passenger Lists
U.S. Response
WTC Tenant List
WTC Victims at NYC Hospitals

Islamic Taliban Movement
Taliban Atrocities agains Women
Tyranny of the Taliban
Veiled in Fear (PBS)
Who are the Taliban?

FEMA: Terrorism
Counter terrorist myth
Countering the changing threat
Global Terrorism Resources
International Policy Institute:Counter-Terrorism
Response to Terrorism
Terrorism Archives
Terrorism Research Center
Terrorist Group Profiles
U.S. State Dept.: Terrorism

War & Conflict
Books for Soldiers
Bush' 3/17/03 Speech

Defend America: Iraq
Friends for a Non Violent World
Military Analysis Network: Iraq Crisis
Nonviolence Web
Online Newshour: The Iraq War
Prevent Conflict: central asia
Stop World War III
The War on Terrorism: Saddam Hussein and Iraq
U.S. Dept. of State: Iraq
U.S. Institute for Peace
War Diaries
Why this war?
World's Apart: Regional Conflict

World Trade Center
About the WTC
Shattered: PhotoEssay
WTC Layout
WTC Memorial



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