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  CWRU is a hub of activity. Theater productions, concerts, seminars, lectures, and film festivals are only some of the programs that are regularly held on campus. Between our exciting array of happenings, and the many notable accomplishments of our alumni, there is always something newsworthy going on at CWRU. This page and its links will help you keep up-to-date with CWRU's current events.

Survivor Thailand celebrity takes on challenge of Case dental school
If the new orthodontic student at the Case Western Reserve University School of Dentistry looks familiar, chances are he is. Jed Hildebrand was a cast member from the CBS Survivor Thailand show. more...

Case, WIYN astronomers discover new galaxy orbiting Andromeda
Case Western Reserve University astronomers have announced the discovery of a new galaxy, termed Andromeda VIII. The new galaxy is so widespread and transparent that astronomers did not suspect its existence until they mapped the velocity of stars thought to belong to the well-known and nearby large Andromeda spiral galaxy and found them to move independently of Andromeda. more...



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