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Bookstore Bucks

Date Released: 5 January 2016

Barnes and Noble

‌The “Bookstore Bucks” program allows all undergraduate students to charge textbooks and academic supplies directly to the student’s financial account. This is a program designed to help with financial planning and budgeting for the costs of attending CWRU.  Spring Semester 2016 Bookstore Bucks are available for use by all registered undergraduate students at the CWRU Barnes and Noble College Bookstore beginning January 6th and ending January 31st.  Each student has the ability to defer up to $625.00 of charges for books and supplies until the last tuition bill each semester.  If Bookstore Bucks are used, the charges will be added to the  February 10th tuition bill and will need to be paid in full by February 24th, 2015.  

For more information, please see CWRU Barnes and Noble College Bookstore or email