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Mentors are senior faculty who work with junior faculty to facilitate professional and personal growth by sharing information and insights, providing encouragement, and opening doors.

Below are some resources available for download.

Best Practices in Faculty Mentoring (PPT)

Explore the practical details of developing and benefiting from a mentor-mentee relationship.

Mentoring New Faculty School of Medicine

Mentors meet with the new faculty individually, several times a year, and serve as advisors for how/when to identify grant opportunities, provide feedback on research plans, read drafts of papers or grants, and more.

Faculty Mentoring Protocol School of Dental Medicine

Mentors provide guidance in research and scholarship development, but mentees are ultimately responsible for their performance.

Graduate Student Mentoring

CWRU promotes and recognizes good mentoring practices. CWRU's Graduate
Student Senate (GSS) offers a resource page about mentoring
relationships. They have also created a Mentoring Guidebook for
Faculty and a Mentee Guidebook for Students.

There is also a checklist for self-evaluation of the kinds of skills
that mentors need to have.

Building a network of mentoring relationships is beneficial for
faculty and graduate students alike, and this workbook describes how
to create those relationships.