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Person using an electronic mobile device (tablet) to display a financial chart.

Audit Services

Examines operations for effectiveness and compliance.
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Hand working with an abacus.

Budget and Financial Planning

Develops and manages the operating and capital budgets.
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Aerial view of Case Western Reserve University campus

Campus Services

Oversees 10 service-based departments that are vital to the operations.
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Pencil being used to write on a financial document.

Controller’s Office

Handles financial reporting, payroll, cashier and more.
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Endowment Funds Management

Manages and reports the endowment and restricted funds.
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Login user interface on a computer for a financial application.

Financial ERP Systems

Supports the enterprise resource planning systems or ERPs.
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Office of Investments

Manages the investment portfolio, including endowment funds.
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Student Financial Services

Manages the billing and payments of student accounts.
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Calculator being used to calculate finances.

Office of the Treasurer

Maintains the financial liquidity and invests the operating fund.
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