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School of Graduate Studies

Admission Standards

Admission Standards

Full Standing

To be admitted to full standing an applicant must meet all the criteria without conditions or academic provisions:

  • Applicants must have a good academic record, e.g., a B-average or rank in the upper third of his or her graduating class at an institution whose status and programs are readily assessed.
  • Applicants must meet all of the undergraduate prerequisites for the proposed field of graduate study.

In addition to evidence of admissibility from transcripts, grade records, letters of recommendation and TOEFL or IELTS exams (English proficiency tests for international students only), some departments require the Graduate Record Examination, the Miller Analogies Test, or the Graduate Management Admission Test.

Ordinarily a bachelor's degree is required for unconditional admission to the graduate school. Under some circumstances, an admissions committee may recommend admission to the School of Graduate Studies on the basis of an equivalent experience. In this case, the dean of graduate studies give final approval.

Provisional Standing

Applicants who have academic deficiencies and do not qualify for admission with full standing may be admitted provisionally. A student must show enough evidence of ability in his chosen field to warrant provisional admission.

Provisional will be specified by the department to which the student is admitted, and stated in the official letter of admission from the dean of graduate studies. A provisional graduate student is expected to complete appropriate course work and to meet the performance standards of the School of Graduate Studies within the first academic year of study.

The provisional student's record will be reviewed each semester, and the student's status will be reconsidered by the department no later than at the end of two semesters of study. If the student has satisfied the provisions associated with his or her admission, the student will be given full standing; otherwise, they will be separated from further graduate study in that department.

Conditional Standing

Applicants who have missing documentation in their admissions file (such as an official academic transcript with degree posted or official copies of test scores) may be admitted conditionally. The conditions specified in the letter of acceptance must be satisfied prior to matriculation in the School of Graduate Studies.

Postponement of Matriculation

Applicants are guaranteed admission only for the term specified in their admission letter. If unable to enroll then, they may request postponement up to two regular semesters. The department may accept or reject that postponement request.

Terms of readmission may differ from the original offer. If entry is delayed more than two semesters, the applicant's file must be reviewed and reevaluated. If entry is delayed more than two years, the applicant must reapply. Then, because files are kept for a maximum of two years, all new documentation must be resubmitted.